The Projects
You have probably all participated in several projects uptil today, they are very different to the ones of Konnen. More than anything, I seek to create a good atmosphere, to satisfy my customers..
In today's society, a person can buy almost anything he or she wants. But, the downside of this is that the moments of true satisfaction has decreased a great deal.
With my work items, I seek to give my customers that moment of true satisfaction.
The satisfaction of my customers is indeed the main purpose of the Konnen Projects, and I strongly believe that my customers will be impressed.
The ‚Q‚Oth anniversary Kyoto Project
The photo above was taken during a private anniversary exhibition. During that time, my customers really had a wonderful time.
During this exhibition I realized how important it is to satisfy and impress on customers. I therefore decided to arrange unique private exhibitions throughout the whole of Japan, with the aim to give my customers that moment of satisfaction. If only one of my customers gets that special feeling, it's worth all the effort...
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