「Konnen Brand」

It is a completely new kind of "Total Fashion" kimono, developed by the rimpa artist Nada Konnen. Konnen's sense for true beauty has invented a new breed of kimono which "really is beautiful", "really is of good sense" and which "really fits well". This, without being bound of the old traditional concepts of the proper way to make a kimono.
In order to ensure that his customers are truly satisfied, Konnen furthermore offers a full series of original accessories, ranging from hair ornaments to foot wear.
Konnen can provide his customers with a total coordination of the highest sense of style and beauty.

When the art of Rimpa painting becomes one with the mind of the designer, a new kind of project comes to

I strongly believe that I can produce a perfect atmosphere, at any given time with my unique tea parties, using Konnen ceramics, special and amusing Konnen Kimono Parties and Kimono Fashion Shows

Konnen Original Brand